• 4 Billion Hours

    of video are watched each month on Youtube

Corporate Film and Video Production

Corporate films and on line videos are an ingredient of on line strategy that too many businesses are missing. Still seen as an ‘elite’ product, video has now become an affordable and accessible product to ALL businesses. With Youtube now the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet there’s never a better time to get your business showcased in a format that really drives engagement and conversions.

Video Production From
Media Hub Create

The Real Deal

We use a seasoned television presenter to narrate and present your video and message in true professional style. You will not need to worry about scripting, lighting, sound etc – All provided with A1 quality.

On Location

We will come to your premises or an East Mids location of your choice to shoot your video. It’s normally a two day shoot to encompass as much of your business as possible.

Indusry Standard Editing

A whole day is spent editing your new film. We aim for a full version that can also be edited into smaller clips – each one representing your keywords. The end result ? Multiple TV standard videos that showcase every aspect of your business.

Video Launch

Once complete, we will set up your very own Youtube channel so that your videos can be hosted on the internet for free. We’ll even help embed your new film onto your website.

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